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The THREE LEVELS of PRAYER is a “A Step By Step Biblical Guide to a Dynamic Effectual Prayer Life and Partnership with God”

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Edition - First Edition

Published - January 27, 2014

Language - English

Pages - 121

Binding - Perfect-bound Paperback

Interior Ink - Black & white

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Get ready for God is about to wake you up to a ‘Dynamic and Effectual Prayer Life’! Are you tired of just going through the motions of your prayer routine? Are your prayers being answered? Are you receiving what you are believing God for? Why are some more prosperous in their prayer life than others? Is there something to their faith that you just don’t understand? Well all that is about to change...


So Stop! Don't Say Another Prayer Until You Read This  Biblical Guide!


Today you have an invitation from our God and Father to come boldly before His throne of grace that you may find mercy, favor and peace (Heb 4:16).


The THREE LEVELS of PRAYER presents a concise interpretation of Old Testament scriptures that reveal the ‘process’ by which God ‘draws’ us into His ‘presence’ and ‘intimate fellowship’ with Him. Additionally, in the New Testament the Lord Jesus unveils the ‘Three Realms/levels of Prayer’; a ‘pattern’ by which we are to pray and make intercession through the ‘progression’ of our ‘partnering’ with ‘Jesus Christ’, the ‘Holy Spirit’ and ‘God’ as we progress in prayer from one level to the other.


Each of these areas, as you will learn has a unique purpose for obtaining direct access to the Throne of God, where you can receive grace, mercy, favor... and ultimately, intimate ‘partnership’ with God... A ‘Roadmap’ to the Throne so to speak; biblical steps that Jesus Himself gives for us to ‘fervently’ follow in order for our prayer to be ‘effective’.


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